About Pompano Beach AC Repair - Pompano Beach, FL


Success is relative; subjective and it’s always dynamic when it comes to business ventures. In an industry that’s as competitive as AC services and repair, especially in a region like Pompano Beach, FL, where one just can’t brave the heat without air conditioning, carving a niche as a premier brand in the sector sounds next to impossible. But we, at Pompano Beach AC Repair, did it! When we first laid down the foundation stone for our company, the competition was at its peak, but we knew we had what it takes to cut through the clutter and find our foothold – we had the commitment to serve.

Today, we’ve become a leading air conditioning expert rendering exceptional services for repair, installation and maintenance to residential and commercial clients and the number 561-290-2103 has found its way into the phonebooks of thousands who rely on us for a wide range of air conditioning services.

Why we’re a class apart?

Pompano Beach  AC Repair Pompano Beach, FL 561-290-2103Unlike others who limit the service spectrum to the residential sphere, we provide a complete set of solutions to everyone, including large commercial and industrial clients, thus crafting a reputation for being one of the market leaders in the HVAC industry. With a professional and experienced team to back us up and cutting-edge infrastructure that’s unmatched in the industry, we’ve become the one-stop solution when clients demand quality above anything else. Apart from our human and technological resources, we’ve partnered with industry-leading manufacturers and suppliers to procure replacement parts and AC units so as to comply with the demand for authentic products. In addition, we follow a strict code of ethics that binds our AC service technicians to providing impartial and integrity-driven service.


To become the ultimate one-stop destination for AC repair, maintenance and installation for the entire local community, while maintaining a standard work quality and pricing, and expand indefinitely across borders.

Mission statement:

Pompano Beach AC Repair has a mission is to render unparalleled services and achieve the following:

  • To satisfy the needs of our clients
  • Provide a conducive work environment for our technicians
  • To continually improve the quality of our services
  • Maintain high standard of ethics
  • To stay abreast of technological advancements
  • To put the customer first, always
  • Observe high level of professionalism and ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Quality assurance:

At the heart of our service-oriented service, lies a quality-assurance framework that is directed at retaining the industry standards, while at the same time, improving upon the preset benchmarks. From our personnel to the tools we purchase, everything revolves around this framework.

If you find yourself losing your cool over a defunct AC, trust us in Pompano Beach, FL area to restore your sense of comfort right away! Dial 561-290-2103 today!