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When was the last time you called in a serviceman to give your AC a tune-up? A year ago, or perhaps never? If so, you won’t be the first one! Whether you’ve had an air conditioner for years, or have just installed one recently, you’ll find that it just doesn’t operate quite as efficiently as it once did. Components may wear out, duct work can get clogged, the quality of air circulated may come down drastically, it may take longer than usual to cool the space and you may find yourself paying up higher-than-usual bills – all because you decided to ignore the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance.

That’s why, we, at Pompano Beach AC Repair, make it a point to emphasize how important it is to have your AC system routinely inspected, cleaned and tuned-up. We’re called upon on 561-290-2103 by countless commercial and residential customers to maintain their systems, enabling them to keep their cooling/heating systems in top shape – and you should too. Whether it’s a central air unit installed in a commercial space or a ductless mini-split system at your home, nothing is eternal and immune to failure, making our AC maintenance service a must.

Why preventive maintenance pays for itself?

No company in Pompano Beach, FL area is going to offer maintenance services for free. It does carry a price tag! But what you pay now is merely insurance for the future! How, you ask? Engaging in preventive maintenance has shown to improve the longevity of the system and reduces the possibility of your AC running into unexpected breakdowns. In addition, routine tune-ups can keep your system running in its optimum condition minimizing the electricity consumption, and thus leading to significant savings on your energy bills. So, unless you’re willing to bear ten times the cost for repairs, emergency services or replacements in the future, shelling out for preventive maintenance is a smart move.

Our Multi-Point Maintenance Checklist:

When you call upon Pompano Beach AC Repair to carry out a maintenance check, we do the following:


  1. Check for any physical signs of damage or wear and tear
  2. Refrigerant levels will be checked for proper charge and any leaks are identified
  3. Ductwork will be inspected for clogging or leaks
  4. Thermostat sensor operation and mounting is checked
  5. Motor, bearings and other components will be lubricated as required
  6. The health of the compressor, fan and condenser coil will be assessed
  7. Air filters will be unclogged, cleaned or replacedPompano Beach  AC Repair Pompano Beach, FL 561-290-2103
  8. All electrical connections and wires are inspected
  9. Condensate pans and drain lines are checked and flushed
  10. Algaecide tablets will be added where necessary
  11. Controls and other systems will be inspected
  12. Equipment exteriors and air grills are cleaned
  13. Any underlying performance issues are identified
  14. Repairs, if needed, are carried out
  15. Final check includes ensuring optimal performance output of the system

Maintenance plans to fit your budget:

Most maintenance plans offered by a few unscrupulous companies in Pompano Beach, FL area are schemed with meticulous planning. In fact, you might not even realize it but at the end of the contract you may have ended up paying equivalent to what you spent on buying the AC. Stay wary of such scams and opt for maintenance plans that are cost-effective and protect your initial investment. That’s what our plans can do for you! Built with YOU, the customer, in mind, we provide a range of bi-annual and annual check-ups for residential and commercial HVAC systems that are in sync with your budget and provide true value for money.

When it comes to AC maintenance, it’s important to get it done right – and by the right firm. Choose Pompano Beach AC Repair! Call 561-290-2103 to discuss the available options!